What's more romantic than falling in love in the city of love?

As I previously mentioned, in the American style of dating kissing or hugging is completely acceptable and normal. As soon as you kiss someone he will assume that things are serious and that you are exclusive.

The French don't have the "let's become exclusive" talk, they just assume things are. One kiss can lead to a whole lot of drama if you kiss the wrong guy. She kissed the French guy she was crushing on when she was drunk.

We would exchange messages on Facebook until one day he caught me off guard.

He started referring to me as "my love" even before we met in person!

Here's another thing, the French already have a stereotype that American girls are easy so don't prove the stereotype right!

Just like there are guys looking to hook up in the U.Yeah, dating in France is quite different from dating in the States and I'm sure those of you that have dated a French guy can agree. In the United States dating is not seen as a huge deal and is considered sort of like a "trial relationship." If you don't like the person there really isn't anything that would prevent you to just move on to the next guy.Affection such as kissing or hugging is completely normal and not considered a big deal.Be aware of the cultural differences and respect them. He needs to understand that you're not ready to be exclusive, and you need to understand that kissing is an act that an exclusive couple does.I remember prior to going to France I was talking to a French guy.Try to be gentle and calm when bringing the topic up.