Reruns aired on cable's Lifetime Television from September 5, 1988 to April 24, 1992. Eve Sheridan (Marcia Strassman - pilot only) starts her first night. Eve's sister Karen comes to discuss plans for their ailing father who is about to be released from the hospital, and Howard asks her to a party being thrown by Cory and the pediatric nurses.

A young woman comes into the ER with constipation and gets a big surprise. Meanwhile, a young boy is admitted who appears to have been shaken and a guy comes into the ER after chopping off his finger while slicing bread.

While essentially a comedy, E/R also contained dramatic elements stemming from its hospital setting. Howard Sheinfeld (Elliott Gould) Twice-divorced Otolaryngologist (his wives were named Phyllis and Sheila) and father of two (David and Jenny), who—in order to keep up his alimony payments to said ex-wives—worked long hours at Clark Street Hospital's emergency room.

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Nurse Thor quits over Sheridan's refusal to allow her to make minor medical decisions, and Nurse Cory confesses to Howard she's in love with him.

Meanwhile, Howard tries to convince Eve to get him a parking spot for his new car.

Developed from the long running play of the same name created and produced by the Organic Theater Company under the direction of Stuart Gordon and conceived by Dr.

Ronald Berman, the series was produced by Norman Lear and Embassy Television and lasted a single season. Young reprised their roles from the original Organic Theater Company production of the play.

Known for her strict enforcement of the white line rule (Her catch-phrase, "Stay back of the White line!! She dates Officer Fred Burdock, the beat cop, but is afraid of marriage due to her interracial parents' own divorce.

Shares an apartment with nurse Julie Williams, to help both of them save money.

Diagnosed with high blood pressure late in the series' run.

A more complete cast list follows: The program was canceled after 22 episodes due to low ratings, mainly due to competition from the Top 10 hit The A-Team, despite being placed between the Top 20 hit After MASH and the Top 30 hit CBS Tuesday Night Movie.

Nurse Joan Thor (Conchata Ferrell) The head nurse in the ER.

She is close friends with Howard and, like Eve, worries about him working such long hours and having nothing to show for it. Usually seen talking on the phone to her couch potato husband, Bud Thor.

At times very strict with her staff almost to the point of angering them, but she does mean well.