We do quite a lot humanitarian work among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.Since 2006 we also helped Diabetics in Bethelehem, with FM-financing, but this year FM did not grant us this help any more and our aid to Bethlehem, which now only comes from private people wil this year be no more than 5000 Euros. We cooperate with other Finnish NGOs, which work for Palestine.

Our membership base ranges from long-term residents to those newly arrived and this provides a great level of knowledge, experience and expertise that is shared freely. Membership is mainly Canadian women and those who have interest in Canada. Chilean Ladies Group The Group was formed to provide support and friendship to the wives of diplomats who work in London.

Please visit our website to find out more about us and we look forward to hearing from you. The club is social for its members but several fundraising functions are organized to raise money to support Canadian Veterans and their families who live in the United Kingdom and for a scholarship fund for Canadian post- graduate students to study in the United Kingdom. Funds raised at monthly social events, normally coffee mornings and visits to historic places, are donated to charities who look after children in Chile.

Contact the President, Maria Elvira Berho by Email. CORONA Worldwide (Women’s Corona Society) Corona Worldwide (formerly Women’s Corona Society) was founded in 1950 and we have just celebrated 60 years. FOCUS Information Services FOCUS is a membership organization that assists international professionals and their families to successfully settle in the UK.

Commonwealth Countries’ League (CCL) The CCL was founded in 1952 to secure equality of liberties, status and opportunities between men and women and to promote mutual understanding in those countries which make up today’s Commonwealth. Corona’s aims are to provide support and education for women going overseas, as well as a range of services in the UK. We offer a briefing service for women and men embarking on their overseas postings, giving a more personal insight in what to expect in a new country. FOCUS staff have a combined total of 80 years of first hand expat experience. International Arab Women’s Council Contact by Email.

The Finnish Pecemakers (Suomen Rauhanpuolustajat) and ICAHD Finland are important too.

KEPA, the service center for development also helps us in many ways.Amongst other projects which the AWA sponsors is a Revolving Fund Programme and a project which offers psychiatric help to traumatised women and children.The AWA raises funds by holding social and cultural events.The Association organizes social, cultural, educational and recreational activities aimed at encouraging friendship and strengthening solidarity between Turkish women residing in Britain.In a relatively short period of time the association’s voluntary efforts and fundraising has helped many organizations and projects.ATWIB have made donations to numerous charities and give valuable support to educational projects for the unprivileged both here and abroad.