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The "older" girls had already established their play groups, their friendships and their social hierarchies, and it wasn't easy for a new girl to join them. If a new boy came along, all he had to do was start building with blocks or Legos next to the older boys, and in no time, he was an integral part of the group.

Indeed, new girls often joined the boys, and found that they fit right in.

/ CC BY 2.0 _____________________________________________________ For further reading: Apter, T. I've observed the phenomenon you describe at my son's day care centers and summer camps.

As you'd expect, in a relatively short time, the girls and boys would separate into different play groups, with boys putting together elaborate buildings out of blocks and Legos and girls playing Disney princess fantasy games. when a new girl would be enrolled in the class or summer camp, she frequently found it very hard to become part of any of the existing girls' circles.

Often these friendships come about because the kids are neighbors, or their siblings are friends, or the families enjoy spending time together.

These friendships can provide a very healthy basis for later male-female relationships.

This is a great way to support the friendship and not make it seem like "dating." If your child is being teased about the friendship, you may need to help your child learn and practice some low-key responses. ", your child could say, "No, she's my pal" or "She's a friend who happens to be a girl." If they say, "Chris likes you! " If they giggle and chant about sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, your child can just roll her eyes and say "Grow up! Because of peer pressure, opposite sex friendships can be fragile.

If there is a break in the friendship, you want to make sure your child has other social options.

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