Fight to earn money and bring the girls out to date until they become your slaves. In the game, increase only your power and magic too, up to around power = 100 and magic is 50.

At some point during her academy training she became acquainted with Milfeulle Sakuraba and competed fiercely with her, although this rivalry went unnoticed by the latter.

The two eventually became close friends and were found to be both compatible in piloting the treasures of the White Moon, the Emblem Frames.

She also has a pair of finger-less gloves, armbands, and a distinct birthmark on her forehead. Ranpha styles her long, blonde hair straight and wears two "hairpin" like accessories.

In the time-skip between EL and GAII, Ranpha wears a more formal dress that retains the Chinese motif while still showing off her chest and legs.

Ranpha wears a distinct, bright-red Chinese dress that shows off her lithe figure while revealing a small portion of her cleavage, legs, and her navel.

Over her dress, she wears the standard Angel Wing uniform and leaves it unbuttoned.

I haven't played that game in quite a while, and I'm not about to start again to find 1 little item if I can't remember.

But I will help by posting the cheat codes that were found in the reviews.

She replaces the bulb-like hair accessories with red tassel-like ribbons.