What many people don’t know is that at a young age, Gardner had to take responsibility for her mother, Monica.

Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given very little chance of surviving.

With her captivating beauty and her alluring presentation style, it’s no wonder that Lauren Gardner is a sought after sportscaster. The couple wants to take some time maybe, but there’s a likely chance that you’ll hear about a marriage soon, or at least an engagement. If you want to see her marriage photos, you need her Instagram right?

She had to undergo chemotherapy, which made her vomit regularly and made her hair fall out.

Gardner would care for her mother all day and take care of her siblings, as well.

However, she can still redeem herself by performing well in the 200m event. ” Actually, she isn’t married but the track and field star’s good looks have certainly won her a lot of admirers.

People are curious about English Gardner’s dating time line but there is not much information on that.

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Monica held Gardner close and reassured her that she was safe and that nothing would happen to her.

Gardner’s father, Anthony told her that this was 2016 and not 2012, so she should just let her fears go and not hold on to them.

This started Gardner on the tough road to recovery and she slowly willed herself to fight back.