It shows you’re interested but not staring at the phone with a pint of ice cream, waiting for a response.area, and after years of sifting through their lengthy Date Lab applications, we know that though they are busy building their careers, traveling, maybe even raising kids, they still find time to pursue romance, whether it’s via a matchmaking site, a bold move at the office or by way of Grandma, who knows this nice young man who is “marriage material.” We know their pet peeves: matches who send creepy shirtless selfies, who seem overly focused on their date’s résumé, who equate fit with rail-thin, who can’t follow basic rules of grammar.

For insight into dating today, we asked a variety of daters about their experiences.

hen I was little, I thought that by 35 I would have a successful career, a loving husband and children.

f I were to meet a girl in a college bar and ask her to dinner, it probably would be off-putting.

Hooking up — anything from a kiss to acts deemed illegal in most states — is more of an introduction than a consummation of a relationship.

How does current technology complicate or convenience things when compared to other methods used in previous generations?

Of course, one could always take those handkerchiefs your phone for a nice walk in the park to be very thorough.

But there’s no digital way to replicate that confidence.

The best you can do is indicate it by how long you take to respond to a text.

Speaking of…What is with this “Finding Prince Charming” on Logo?