Jones sings Baby, It's Cold Outside with co-host Myleene Klass and Cerys Matthews, opera-style heart-throbs Il Divo belt their way through their version of The Power of Love and pop string quartet Escala pluck a tune from their debut album.

Comedians, acrobats and a host of variety acts complete the bill in this old-fashioned format, which has probably proven popular for precisely that reason.

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In An Accidental Christmas Joe (David Millbern) and Vicky (Cynthia Gibb) are spending their first Christmas apart since their separation, but their kids are determined to bring their estranged parents back together again with a romantic Christmas break away at the beach.

Christmas Caper finds con artist Kate Dove (Shannen Doherty) forced into the Christmas spirit by her niece and nephew, who hope to set her back on the straight and narrow.

The efforts between 19 to raise her from the sea-bed are followed in this film, which hopes to unearth the mysteries of USS Monitor.

All Star Mr & Mrs Christmas Special ITV1, 7.55pm Daytime doyens Phil (Schofield) and Fern (Britton) present a seasonal special of this exhumed game show, in which celebrity couples try to demonstrate their knowledge of their best beloved.

Desperately trying to track April down, Marion and her old pal Elliot (David Haig) learn a thing or two as well.

GO Noel's Christmas Presents Sky1/Sky1HD, 6.00pm Noel Edmonds does the Father Christmas thing again, doling out presents to the country's "most deserving and selfless" inhabitants.Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous at the Rainbow '78 Sky Arts 1/Sky Arts HD, 9.00pm A chance to relive the old days with a spot of rock memorabilia.In 1978 Irish rockers Thin Lizzy set off on their Live and Dangerous tour.With its cutting-edge revolving turret, its large cannons could fire at different angles, meaning that the ship didn't need to be repositioned to attack the enemy.Unfortunately, no one saw fit to make sure that the darn thing could stay afloat, and when she hit rough water on 31 December 1862, she quickly found her way to Davy Jones's locker.Tonight, Terry Venables, Ronan Keating, Tamzin Outhwaite and their respective spouses attempt to win £30,000 for the charity of their choice.