These actions include Sub-Zero making a snowman, Noob Saibot throwing a bowling ball and hitting a few pins, Stryker holding out a stop sign as if to stop traffic and allowing all the other fighters to run past, or Jax taking out a jump rope and using it.

Then we thought, 'What if the player could do that to his opponent?

' When we watched players react to the Fatalities, we knew we had no choice but to give them more." Unlike special moves, a Fatality may require certain distances and quick button sequences in order to achieve the desired result.

Sometimes the opponent will wear a miniature version of the clothes he or she wore when fully-grown, complete with smaller versions of accessories such as Raiden's hat or Johnny Cage's shades.

In MK3 and its updates, the generic green "Babality!!

Fatalities are performed after the announcer says "Finish Him/Her" by players entering, within a short timeframe, specific button and joystick combinations while positioned a specific distance from the opponent.

This feature is one of the most notable features of the Mortal Kombat series and has caused a large cultural impact and controversies.

"Fatalities" also expanded into the shooter genre, most notably in the Gears of War series as "Executions".

In many games in the franchises there are also different types of Fatalities and Finishers: This finisher allows the player to morph into an animal and maul their opponent. According to Boon, his team "listened to what the players said about MKII and the Animalities that they thought were in there but really weren't.

"Fatality" eventually became also a generic gaming term for a lethal finishing move, including the official term Fatals in the Killer Instinct series.

In the game Clay Fighter 63⅓ the Fatalities were even parodied in the form of Claytality.

According to Boon, it started with an idea to enable the player to hit a dizzied opponent at the end of the match with a "free hit", and that idea "quickly evolved into something nasty".