Below is a list of the various styles and changes that have taken place since Gillette's inception.

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And contrary to expectations, it’s not more blades but an all-new handle that rids you of funny ‘shave faces’ and missed hairs at those tricky spots.

Here’s the thing: till now, most razor pivots offered two-dimensional movement, while our faces are essentially three-dimensional.

In a nutshell, every Gillette Flexball is designed to move as per the unique contours of your face without losing contact.

And with the pivot in motion more than 80% of the time, it relieves your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints of the extra pressure and gives you the most effortless shave possible.

Our Career and Technical programs are both popular and a pillar of the local community.

Many of our students easily transfer to four-year colleges, thanks to the superb education and advising they receive at Gillette College. Local citizens and private donors as well as city, county, and state municipalities joined forces to invest in our highly regarded school, bringing a plethora of educational opportunities to the region.

Gillete produced several different models of the Tech such as the Ball End, Black Ball End, the Heavy Tech and Travel models.

Being a fairly mild razor, it is well known for giving a very smooth and comfortable shave.

Backed by over five years of research and extensive trials worldwide, the Flexball Technology allows the blades to pivot front to back as well as sideways (up to 24 degrees).

This ensures that the blades are more evenly in contacts with your jawline – even at the trickiest of contours – and get pretty much every hair.

We are excited to show you all we have to offer at Gillette College.