While working there, Ribisi met Gay Landrum, another Sea Org worker.His marriage to Gay was his second, and soon the couple had children when their twins were born on December 17, 1974: Antonio Giovanni and Santina Marissa. When the children were toddlers, the couple left the Sea Org, but remained loyal to Scientology.It seems everyone had an opinion on the matter: Based on the facts (Ribisi spotted alone with a cute sweater), is there trouble in paradise or is it much ado about nothing?

Several weeks after the radio show aired last year, we got a tip from an anonymous reader that “Carole” was, in fact, Lucia Ribisi.

We didn’t take that tip at face value, but instead began working to develop sources who could tell us about the Ribisi clan and the radio show.

The extended Ribisi-Hansen clan became one of the most well known in Scientology and Hollywood, and helped fuel the notion that getting into Scientology was a legitimate way to advance a career in the entertainment industry.

Giovanni Ribisi’s acting career started in television, first with appearances on Highway to Heaven when he was only ten years old, and a decade later as Phoebe’s brother Frank on Friends.

As a result of that work, today we have five independent sources — including two in the Ribisi family itself — who tell us that it was Lucia who was heard on KCRW and who has, in fact, left the church.

And that’s put her family in a precarious place, our sources tell us.

Al went into the printing business, while Gay later became a successful talent manager.

Al and Gay Ribisi split up when their children were in their teens, family friends tell us, and Gay helped to shepherd Marissa and Giovanni through their acting careers.

Lucia comes from one of the most well known families inside the closed world of Scientology. had one hit, 1968’s “I Love You,” and by then most of the members had joined Scientology, which caused the band to split up.

Her grandfather, Al Ribisi, was from a Catholic family in San Jose; in high school he became the keyboard player in People! But then in 1970 the members who were Scientologists, including Ribisi, took the unusual step of joining Scientology’s “Sea Organization” as a group.

It hurts.'The singer, whose real name is Chan Marshall, also revealed that she chopped off her trademark long brunette locks as a result of the split, which she said 'wasn't really out of left-field, but it kinda was'.'I entered a long relationship which I really wanted to be successful,' she said.