These pernicious intrusions are Western television, Western rock music, and Western dating and romance. However, that does NOT mean all Scripture is culturally bound. E.g., a mode of transportation, such as donkey power, changes as civilizations progress. It is instructive that in Scripture there are no positive examples of romantic relationships apart from betrothal, whether Jewish or Gentile.We were familiar, of course, with the corrupting influences of Western television and rock music. Our missionary, a prominent Bible teacher and counselor in India, explained his startling observation from many years of marriage counseling. Indeed, some precepts and practices are exclusive to a culture, while others are normative for all time. To determine if it is cultural, we must ask whether the precept or practice is … Every scriptural example where the father (or another adult if the father was dead) initiated and oversaw the romantic relationship (such as Adam/Eve, Isaac/Rebecca, Joseph/Mary, etc.), the outcome was blessed by God.How to Marry — The Wedding Stage Biblical Wedding Examples Applying Piety Applying Preparedness The Procession The Ceremony The Celebration Applying Patriarchy Applying Purity Applying Patience 11. INTERPRETING CULTURALLY RELATED SCRIPTURE In addition to embracing all four forms of biblical truth, we must next understand how to interpret culturally related truth, if we are to unearth God’s essential elements about scriptural romance. No, if you examine them more closely, that is not the case at all.

Choosing a Spouse by Faith, not Feelings Quiz on Choosing a Spouse What God’s will Means Testing God’s Individual Will Circumstances do not Guide Us Neither Doors nor Fleeces Impressions do not Guide Us What about Peace? Talking Biblically about Feelings Sense Perceptions Our Emotions Beliefs, Attitudes, Thoughts Our Desires 6. Richard Pratt, in his interpretational guide titled He Gave Us Stories, puts it this way: In many cases a sharp distinction between form [practice] and meaning [principle] cannot be justified.

How to Marry – The Friendship Stage Worldly Relations vs. The New Testament does not merely insist that believers affirm abstract theological principles; it also requires us to follow forms and structures in the church.

How to Marry — Courtship Questions Questions about Courtship Questions during Courtship Phase One – The Inquiry 9. Prudence is the fourth and final truth form by which God has communicated to us in His Word.

How to Marry — The Betrothal Stage Purposes of Betrothal Applying Piety Applying Patriarchy Applying Purity Applying Preparedness Applying Patience 10. It is the wise personal application of a principle. No, Solomon tells us that to rashly ignore prudence is sin: He who sins against me [Wisdom] injures himself; all those who hate me love death Once you have concluded that a particular path would be prudent, to do otherwise would be sinful since the motive could only be to please self rather than Christ. E.g., for a woman to learn anything was contrary to first century culture BIBLICAL BETROTHAL IS TRANSCULTURAL A typical response to biblical betrothal says, Wait, aren’t all the Scriptures about betrothal simply descriptive of Jewish culture and not really applicable to Christians today?

Rediscovering the Timeless Truths The Philosophy behind Dating The Fruit of Dating Evaluating the Relevant Passages Significant Relationships to Study Significant Concepts & Words to Study God’s Four Truth Forms Interpreting Culturally Related Scripture Biblical Betrothal is Transcultural Identifying God’s Principles for Romance Taking every thought captive 2. Preparing Your Children for Biblical Betrothal Courtship vs. The third truth form, practice, is a biblically defined implementation or exercise of a principle.

Dealing with the Dating Dilemma Dating Defined Distinguishing Characteristics of Dating and Betrothal Dating’s History Comparing Dating With Scripture Victory over a Dating Spirit Spiritually Renewing your Mind God’s Commands against Dating How to Acquire a Wife Discarding the Myths of Dating Discerning the Dangers of Dating How can Parents Resist? Betrothal Your Children’s Example Your Children’s Encouragement Your Children’s Equipping Essential Training Topics 4. Many Christians wrongly assume that the practices in Scripture are generally culturally bound, yet Paul declares just the opposite when he explains, [Timothy] will remind you of my ways [practices] which are in Christ [principles], just as I teach everywhere in every church Old Testament scholar Dr.Thus, the mission of my writing is not to entertain you (though I think you will find this study stimulating) but to lead you into scriptural truths which are vital for the preservation of your family. And Israel’s contemporaries, while rejecting much of the Mosaic code of conduct, nevertheless adopted biblical betrothal.THE PHILOSOPHY BEHIND DATING Before we explore the specific passages in Scripture that deal with romance, let’s begin with the big picture, the issue of one’s life philosophy which will then undergird everything he or she believes and practices in life. Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and the many cultures since the time of Christ have likewise practiced betrothal. The Apostle Paul relates in Romans -15 that when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law …Keep that possibility in mind as you read Paul’s caution in verse 8: See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. Feeling of being used This last fruit of the dating game — a feeling of being used — is more than just a feeling, it’s a fact. As the spiritual father of the Corinthians, Paul declares: …for I betrothed you to one husband, that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin Why would Christ choose betrothal if it were not God’s own prescription for pre-marital fidelity?Beware; says Paul, here is a very real danger, the threat of being kidnapped away from truth and into the mental, emotional and spiritual bondage of error. When you date, you become used merchandise, used at least emotionally and often physically, from one romantic entanglement to the next. Indeed, Paul suggests that its primary purpose is to present you as a pure virgin.These plagues of post-Christian culture are ruining many families in America too. He noted that marriages in India which are begun through traditional betrothal (pursuing a relationship for marriage, not recreation) enjoy a near zero divorce rate. On the other hand, every example where the father did NOT initiate and oversee the relationship (such as Esau/wives, Shechem/Dinah, Samson/Delilah, etc.) the outcome was either mixed or disastrous! THE PRE-CULTURE CREATION MODEL — In Matthew 19:4-6, Christ appeals to the pre-culture creation account of Genesis 1-2 as abiding justification for a biblical view of marriage By pre-culture I mean that cultural creeds and customs had not yet developed.