This is great news considering many health and fitness experts recommend we take at least 10,000 steps daily.

12,000 steps during an average round of golf equates to 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers. It’s great exercise and a great way to get to know your golf partner. Continue reading Hi Everyone, We hope you are having a great golfing season. Two Date Members Get Married Featured Member – Mikris # 5288 – New York – MBA, yoga teacher, former model _____________________________________________ Two Date Members Get Married (full press release) Las Vegas, NV – Date would like to congratulate two of our members on their recent marriage.

“It was as if we had known one another for a much longer time.” Choosing an online dating site that was safe and secure for female golfers was a big issue for Diane. _____________________________________________ Featured Member – Mikris # 5288 – New York – MBA, yoga teacher, former model Here is what mikris has to say about herself.

Despite having a golf scholarship at Rutgers University, I decided not to pursue golf as a career.

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There's nothing like building a relationship around a shared interest.

Remember, anyone who ever asks you for money or anything to do with money is not using Date AGolfer for the right reasons…please report them right away and we will immediately ban these members.

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Date has been totally redesigned and single golfers are very happy with the new changes. You can easily find single golfers in The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom or Australia.

The new Date AGolfer site makes it easy to find single golfers based upon your interests or hobbies.

The couple were married on May 05, 2007 – exactly 365 days after their first date.