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Very recently we met, and since we were attracted to one another, we ended up having sex, where I lost my virginity to him. Now my problem here is, I'm OK being in an open relationship. Is it wrong to go with the flow and keep indulging in these activities with him? This is the only kind of relationship I have ever been in.

I tried Tinder but most of the guys on there only want sex and I'm looking for something more substantial than that.

In addition, I find that the majority of men I meet even at school and through my job are only interested in casual relationships. But I hate to break it to you: There's no Good Guy Nightclub where only the nice guys want to dance with you.

One last note: If you're going to tell him you want to do things other than sex, you'd better come up with some specific alternatives. In fact, during your first serious chat about this, suggest something you two can do immediately so he understands what you mean right away.

I came across this guy online two years ago, and we hit it off. I'm sure he really likes me but would never date me since he has made it pretty clear that life is short and he wants to die with no regrets.

And follow your own interests, because they'll probably lead you to him.

If your spirituality is important, go to your church, temple, or vegan drum gathering, and keep an eye out for men who see the world in the same way. Think of it like this: If you want a cocktail, you should go to a bar.It's not that I don't like him that way, but how can I redirect the conversation or get him to initiate time Any time a guy's sexual ego is involved, it's tricky, but you shouldn't make a tricky situation even more difficult by dancing around your worry.Some might say you should send a bunch of subtle signals, hint around what's really bothering you, or distract him with sly tricks.But that's only going to make an awkward situation messier. Tell him you love sex but you'd also like to do more with him.So do something so simple it just might work: Talk to him. Tell him you love talking about sex but sometimes it's a little too much.This guy's focused on playing the field and worries that he would regret dating you seriously. That's why you'll regret staying with him much longer.