The two went to high school together so it makes the situation whole lot less creepy but it’s still somewhat uncomfortable.

It definitely reminds us how young most of these players are.

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If there was one notable aspect of the draft, aside from David Stern laughing at the Bulls’ pick, it was Gordon Hayward bringing his girlfriend along to NYC.

Hayward is 20 years old and he just completed his sophomore season at Butler.

In the NCAA Tournament, Hayward was named the MVP of the West Region as he led Butler to the National Championship game.

In the championship game against Duke he missed a game-winning, buzzer-beating, half-court shot, which hit the backboard and rim, and would have given Butler their very first NCAA championship.

The Utah Jazz player announced he and his wife Robyn are adding a new player to their home team, a little girl, on his blog Tuesday. We’re starting the next chapter of our lives together, and I’m ready for it.

He wrote, “It’s been an incredible year for me and my family. I signed to stay in Utah and we settled into a new home. We found out that Robyn was pregnant a while ago, but we didn’t tell anybody because we wanted to make sure everything went well in the first trimester.

The world first saw Kolbi at the 2010 draft though we had absolutely no idea who she was at the time.

Before Gordon took the stage to put on his Jazz hat and shake hands with David Stern, he got up and celebrated with his friends and family, which also included a kiss with an attractive blonde.

The twins' plans changed when the younger Gordon underwent an unexpected growth spurt.

He shot up to 6'4 as a sophomore and two years after he almost abandoned basketball, he had grown to 6'7" (2.01 m); he reached 6'8" (2.03 m) as a senior, and reportedly added another inch at Butler (though the NBA lists him at 6'8").

Read Less Playing for Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon, Hayward was a surprise star for the Championship squad, averaging 10 points and 5.7 rebounds per game.