Since Chris and I met just one month ago, we're already making plans to get married, move in, and share the rest of our lives together.

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Gem and I have been chatting online for the last 2 months and we are meeting next week to go and see one of our favourite bands.

Gem & Karen I've found the love of my life, Thankyou so much!

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This easy and relaxed approach to dating allows you to take your time when looking to meet someone new, the level of engagement with the site and the people on it is in your control.

Getting started with Gothscene is quick and easy, all you need to do is register, create a profile that contains as much or as little information as you want, then start searching and browsing your matches.

Enjoy shocking people with my slightly outrageous taste (mainly 1950s centred) I enjoy going to music events and entertaining my freinds, by entertaining I mean I cook and bake all day then me and my...

I am debatebly damaged goods or just different - certainly not normal, but then define normal???

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