It's fun and you'll feel good for lifting a finger.

Plus you may meet a burly young eco-hunk, and nothing breaks the ice like sweaty tree planting.

After that, initiating contact via messages will cost you a month.

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Join one of your city's outdoor interest groups and you're bound to meet a bounty of thrill-seeking eco-holics.

Bonding over a tough climb or pristine mountain view will heighten the connection, and nothing gets the blood pumping — quite literally — like biking or hiking outside. You can find them at your average bar, nightclub, rowdy disco, or rave.

If you're eager to find love, consider hitting up some eco-singles networks such as Green, Earth Wise, Green, or Green

After filling out a profile and answering a few simple questions (favorite food, color, and Sade song), you'll get matched with a single you won't have to argue the validity of climate change with. Volunteer at your local oil spill, conservation site, or community-garden project.

At 36, he’s the youngest of the bunch (others range up to 60).

He’s nerdy-cute, so I send him a canned message without much hope. The gist: It’s “the largest matchmaking site for Democratic singles …

You can find them at your average bar, nightclub, rowdy disco, or rave.

Yet beer goggles and vibrating strobe lights make any hippie tough to spot in the crowd.

They tend to be committed to a cause or person, show a great deal of passion and attention to detail - fantastic news for a potential partner!