Though the chemicals were not disclosed, police evacuated two Halifax neighborhoods along with an Ottawa hotel.

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20, and he was arrested early in the morning on Jan. However, there were no chemicals found inside the hotel or in his van. “I’m thankful that the brave men and women of the Ottawa police department and other law enforcement agencies were able to apprehend him and (defuse) the situation without incident,” Shannon said in a statement released by her manager, according to

Shannon and Christopher divorced in 2006 after seven years of marriage.

Discover more on the Halifax Explosion along with Halifax's connection to the Titanic when you visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the Halifax Waterfront.

The Black Cultural Centre in nearby Cherry Brook tells the stories of Nova Scotia’s Black communities, and celebrates history and culture that is part of our colourful mosaic.

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History is as thick as fog in Halifax Metro, and the region has long been a preferred port of call.

These struggles hit too close to home during World War I, when a French munitions ship exploded after colliding with a Belgian relief ship.

The Halifax Explosion, the largest man-made explosion until the nuclear bomb, killed 2,000 and injuring another 9,000.

Christopher Phillips, the ex-husband to United States Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller, was arrested by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Jan.

21 as a suspect in a dangerous chemical weapons threat in Nova Scotia.

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