I mean this less in a rubber necking way and more concerned about whether the company is having a mini-meltdown as I type.

That would be awful for the remaining entertainers there trying to keep their head down and just do their jobs.

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Last week C-netizens claimed he set the deadline as October 8th and lo and behold he filed the lawsuit the morning of the 9th.

Kris and Luhan were apparently very close in EXO and it’s been less than 5 months since Kris filed the lawsuit to leave EXO so netizens will clearly drag his influence back in to try and explain why Luhan is also leaving.

2NE1 & Big Bang - YG In Da Mix Part 9 (lbum 2013) 227.

2NE1 & Big Bang - YG In Da Mix Part 8 (lbum 2012) 226. 2NE1 - 1st Mini Album Thailand Edition (Mini Album 2009) 230.

EXO started off as a twelve member group but with Kris and now Luhan leaving, it’s down to 10 members with 6 in EXO-K and only 4 left in EXO-M.

There are still two Chinese members left in EXO-M with Lay and Tao.

Who knows why but he did look majorly exhausted in the last few months whenever his picture popped up in the news.

Either he’s overworked and/or emotionally miserable, either way it’s not the best idea for employer or employee to have someone so unhappy to be there stuck being a reluctant K-pop star.

Luhan wanting to leave EXO has been whispered about for months now but devout EXO fans have insisted it was a smear campaign on the part of C-netizens wanting him to stop being a part of EXO and focus his career only in China.