During the Second World War, Rivers again offered his services, serving as commander of the Naval Medical Research Unit in the South Pacific where his attentions were drawn to coordinating the effort to combat malaria and typhus.

He eventually retired from the Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral.

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During the Second World War, Rivers led the Naval Medical Research Unit in the South Pacific, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral.

The Rivers Papers contains correspondence, laboratory notes, speeches, and photographs documenting Rivers' activities at the Rockefeller Institute, the development of polio vaccine, and Rivers' Navy experience in the Pacific during World War II.

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With the encouragement of a biology professor, he entered medical school at Johns Hopkins in 1909, though a mysterious nervous degeneration (diagnosed as Aran-Duchenne atrophy) forced him to withdraw in the middle of his second year.

Rivers made the most of his recovery, taking a position as a laboratory assistant at a hospital in Panama to gain clinical experience, and when his condition vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared, he returned to Hopkins, completing his MD in 1915.The experience awakened Rivers' interest in medical research, and when he returned to Hopkins at the end of his military obligations, he transferred into the Department of Bacteriology.In 1922, Cole invited Rivers to join the Institute and pursue research in the still poorly understood field of virology.The relationship between two brothers is put to the test, as one, a loose-cannon action hero with a fist for a head, indiscriminately destroys not only villains, but his normal brother's life as well.On May 6, 1937, the infamous Hindenburg zeppelin made its final voyage from Nazi Germany to New Jersey, where it exploded over a landing field; this new series is a new look at the maiden and final voyage of this airship.A single-camera comedy about the one bad decision that throws Linda from HR's monotonous, unfulfilled life into an exciting but dangerous tailspin of balancing work life, home life and a secret that could unravel everything.