you’re pretty sure he likes you and will be asking you to be his girlfriend in the very near future.

hes dating but im not-31

Sometimes it's as simple as this: he just doesn't like you enough.

I know that's really hard to hear, but it could also be true.

Then she wondered why he wouldn't make her his girlfriend.

Look, ladies: if you're going to do this, the dude then knows that he can do whatever he wants and you'll still be there, no matter what. He's a jerk for taking advantage of your feelings, but you also need to stand up for yourself. If he won't sacrifice things for you, dont' sacrifice things for him.

So he's going to be casual with you for a while until he meets someone who want one.

When you say something like that, you're not putting off a sexy, I don't care vibe.You're basically telling the dude that you only want something casual - so don't be surprised when he listens. She did everything for him, doting on him, making him food, giving him rides, sexual stuff...Source: Shutter Stock I used to have a friend who was hanging out with this dude for over a year. all while letting him do whatever he wanted on the side.Source: Shutter Stock I'll just say it: being too clingy or needy is annoying. One of my guy friends recently was hanging out with a girl he really liked... She wanted to see him every night, text all day long, involve him in major PDA everywhere they went... He felt suffocated and was nervous that things would get worse if they got serious.Look, it's totally fine to tell someone you really like them, but it's also important to give people a little space.I know it stinks, but it's also very true and happens way too often.