If you are more than 14 weeks pregnant your doctor or midwife may offer you maternal serum screenings, instead of the combined screenings. Have you seen our images of fetal ultrasound between eight and 12 weeks?

First trimester combined screening At the same time, as your dating ultrasound, you will be offered combined screening, to check for abnormalities.

This is made up of: If you turn out to be less than 11 weeks pregnant when you have your dating ultrasound you will need to rebook for your combined screening.

National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (NCCWCH).

Private ultrasound gender scan optimised for fast results.

*Please note ultrasound alone can never provide a 100% guarantee of the sex of your baby, however our experience in providing accurate gender opinions is the foremost in the UK.

Babybond wellbeing check of fetal heartbeat and movement with professional opinion on the sex of the baby using ultrasound, available from 18 - 30 weeks gestation.When you have your first ultrasound depends on how your pregnancy is going, and even where you live.Early ultrasound If you've experienced problems, such as a previous miscarriage or bleeding in the first weeks of this pregnancy, your doctor or midwife may recommend an early ultrasound.I wouldn't hesitate to return for a second scan or to recommend Ultrasound Direct to my friends and family.We at MUMS understand that the first few months of pregnancy can be quite an anxious time for many women with various concerns as to whether the pregnancy is developing normally or that it may result in a miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy.If you feel a bit apprehensive about a vaginal ultrasound, you may feel less worried if you: In most cases, where there are no problems, you'll have two ultrasounds during your pregnancy.