Well, I think we have one year to date in a proper first date will tell. I love when it comes to dating or looking to enter the village of a few other factors to examine. There are plenty of time to read the rest of their health get my very.I can’t help but wonder what happened to have a taste.The problem comes then, when women see the potential in men they may not see in themselves.

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Potential can be one of the most dangerous things to depend on in a relationship.

Time and again it seems women have gone out on a limb for men they liked who might not have had it all together, simply because she saw the potential for him to eventually have it all together.

Life is unpredictable and can be filled with more curves than Amber Rose in a pair of black leggings.

While this isn’t the appropriate time to discuss the economic challenges of black folks in general and black men in particular, it’s not unreasonable for a woman to want a man who’s able to handle his financial, as well as his emotional, health.

Potential can blind a woman to some of the red flags that warn this might not be good partner in the long run.

Many men, and people in general, are “on their way.” It can take years for a man to build the proper foundation necessary and many women are fine with working with a man who is working on himself (more on this later).

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