Dating is a journey which can be an enjoyable and fun experience.We want people to get the most out of using dating services.Services give you the time and a level of anonymity.

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For example check their Linked In or run a Google Image search to check any photos provided.

Although the vast majority of individuals who use online dating services are honest about the information they give, as with all social networking sites, there may be some exceptions.

Dating sites often offer mail and chat services so you can get to know people in a safe and controlled environment.

Make the most of their platforms and the added security it gives you.

Use common sense and don’t be afraid to speak to a friend to get a second opinion.

Irregular behaviour – If the person seems vague, tries to take the conversation offline, has an unlikely story or acts inappropriately, then proceed with caution and don’t hesitate to report them.

Take care when providing contact details to people who say their subscription is about to end.

A common behaviour of scammers is to take the conversation away from the safety of the dating site as quickly as possible.

Online dating sites work hard to moderate profiles, however it is always worth doing some research of your own before meeting someone for the first time.