Hwang Bo was also able to do a lot of charity work.She constantly signed up for volunteer work, leaving the country to help people around the world, more specifically the Middle East and Africa.

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Her daughter did not manage to make her way to New Delhi.

Thoroughly shaken with what was happening around her, Hwang Bo began constant charity work to help those looking for refugee in Seoul.

Nevertheless, these statements of hers never fail to make us twirl and dance the happy dance.

Because they’re so unbelievably eyebrow-raising, they make all of us Joongboers cause ruckus in our own Joong Bo land.

A picture of singer Hwang Bo in a beautiful wedding dress has been released by 'Infinity Girls'.

Hwang Bo participated in the most recent filming of MBC Everyone's 'Infinity Girls - Wedding Runway'.We, Joongboers can only hope and wait for the confirmation in the near future, if there will ever be one.In the mean time, let’s just satisfy ourselves to their fuzzy, evasive answers in interviews.And she did it again in their recent Infinity Girl’s episode. As we can all see, Bong Sun instructed the girl to ask Hwang Bo 5 questions and luckily, the girl chose to ask about Hyun Joong. Girl: Are you still in contact with Kim Hyun Joong? Hwang Bo: *hits Bongsun* You already know but you keep on asking… Because our favorite girl seems to love keeping us in the dark these days.And I totally died a hundred times by hearing her answer. I really wonder why it’s so hard for these two people to give out a simple YES or NO answer when they are asked about each other.She was paired up with SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong, who is six years her junior.