Independence doesn’t mean I want to live alone for the rest of my life, doing everything for myself.It doesn’t mean I can’t “time-slot” a man into my life, as some men have feared.

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With therapy and increased self-awareness, I realized that I had been giving up too much of myself in this marriage. There may not be Mecca out there on the other side of marriage, but I had to leave. Divorce wasn’t easy, but here I am, eight years later, living an incredibly rewarding life I’m proud to have created.

Many women become independent by default What happened to me happened to a lot of women in dysfunctional marriages.

When I looked at my friends’ marriages, most of them weren’t so different from mine.

The wives were independently holding down the fort, and the husbands worked hard and were emotionally distant.

Yes, my life is gloriously full, AND I want a relationship. Before my divorce, I was more of a follower than a leader, more passive than active.

Unfortunately, many of the men I date don’t understand how that works. Now, I’m an independent homeowner, bill payer, business owner, single mom, and CEO of my life.

When I left my husband, I didn’t realize how much responsibility I’d be taking on. I want to crawl under a rock and make all my responsibilities disappear.

I want a knight in shining armor to come and whisk me away to an exotic island, sipping margaritas as we watch the sunset.

She’s looking for a strong man who will embrace her independence and give her permission to let go. The best relationships are between two independent people with full rich lives.

They respect one another and learn from each other.

Did you write her off, assuming she didn’t have room in her busy life for you?