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I believe in fate and I think it's amazing that two people from different parts of the world can be so perfect together. He was always the shy guy and I was the talkative bubbly girl. We get married June 25, 2017." Story by Nicole St Hilaire Need a loving partner?

After my divorce 4 years ago he sent me a message asking me out.

and provider.”The Question: I have been seeing my girlfriend for about 3 months now.

He jumped from his crazy, gang banger, no job ever, street hustler world into my crazy, but won't leave me alone, a single mother working two jobs world where he became a suburban husband, father.

Our daughter and our son are beautiful mixtures of both of us!

Our only fear is that someone will show them the hate we know is out there..” Story By: Marissa Teng Find your interracial love at:

Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

That cute guy just smiled and asked what you’re drinking. You are interested to get to know him that's for sure. She has yet to meet my family, but she is supposed to go to brunch with me to meet my mother in a few weeks.

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He met my kids first and loves them like they are his. This man is the only person who came into my life to help me and not hinder me or my boys.