Of course this might apply in an intercultural situation where someone does something we dont expect!

: by simply observing the person in the natural environment.

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However, alas, the book editors thought that this was too much for the student So I have cut out 4 pp. Work by some of my past students suggests that there might be different issues for and against interethnic dating if one were to ask, say, an African American woman and an African American man (or an Anglo-American man or woman).

(1977) point out how even in a marriage, two partners may define what it means to be a "husband" or "wife" differently and not know it--this may show up in things such as who does what chores, where does one sleep, who is expected to be faithful.

But Suzy sees her behavior as an act of trying to establish independence or control in a situation with very authoritarian parents. In this particular case, the parents impose control because (to them) Suzy seems out of control.

Suzy rebels because (to her) the parents are too strict.

In live classes, we often spend an entire day just on these, with video application!

alone has done some 22 studies regarding the theory as it pertains to intercultural communication.

Many Intercultural Studies programs are offered at religious institutions as training for missionaries and religiously motivated international development workers, and therefore often include some training in theology and evangelism.

In some of my conference writing, I have tried to frame the literature on intercultural romance and marriage in terms of systems theory. The main point with this approach is that in a relationship (family, romantic, partners sharing a house or dorm room, small group in a company), all of the parts are interrelated.

If you are traveling abroad or have intercultural friendships (e.g., international pals), remember that the definition for what constitutes friendship can differ from culture to culture (and--perhaps--even among cultural "ethnic" groups).