Read More »The Frank Arnott Award encourages solution-finding for one of the biggest challenges in the exploration industry: data integration and visualization of multi-disciplinary data.

Candidates are invited to submit their entries, demonstrating a new way to improve exploration outcomes using data integration and visualization, by the end of 2016.

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Read More »Engineers Canada has added a case law catalogue and a guidelines catalogue to its website, making reference material easily available and searchable to engineering regulators, policy-makers, and stakeholders.

Read More »Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is almost 100 years-old.

in Vancouver - urges that self-regulating professions must first and foremost regulate in the public interest.

Read More »University of Manitoba engineering student Eric Schillberg was recognized by the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba on Tuesday, June 28, for his contribution to the House as assistant in the message room, page, and gallery attendant.

Read More »On March 23, 2016 City Council adopted the results of a Comprehensive Fee Review that adjusts all fees charged for various permits and services.

These changes (with the exception of commercial mechanical permit fees) come into effect on June 1, 2016.

This means that contractors working in construction or real property activities in the federal government will have to be fingerprinted as part of the security screening process.

Read More »The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) would like to invite professional engineers — as important stakeholders in the development of the national model codes — to take part in the fall 2016 public review of proposed changes to the 2015 editions of Codes Canada publications.

Read More »On June 4, 2016, at the 43rd Meeting of the Board of Directors of Geoscientists Canada in Calgary, Alberta, Hendrik Falck, P.