About fifteen minutes into the picture, Mark and Gordon are seen traveling up Mass. in Cambridge, adjacent to the Harvard campus, and suddenly, they're not on Mass. anymore, they're on Quincy St., a couple blocks away.

Some people simply cannot handle being called something other than their real name, and in this case, they are not a badass and are not deserving of a badass nickname anyway!

Nicknaming should be a fun experience for everyone involved, so why not make a big game out of it?

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Since there’s many different kinds of nicknames for the taking out there, it becomes necessary to break them down into type. Whether you’re looking for a gamertag name or simply trying to name someone around the office, badass nicknames are a great place to start!

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There are a few moments where a message and moral does come through, especially in the later half of the film.

This adds to the films charm, as well as giving people a fairly superficial albeit correct notion of the social struggle faced by some races.

But suddenly his father's neurotic psychiatrist advises him to go on vacation in Hawaii instead of spending more money on his son.