Red Bull’s current livery is, of course, dominated by the charging bull logo and as much as I like it, one can’t help feel that it could be so much more.

If I was to make just one small change, I would have incorporated some of the tail fin…on the rear fin.

There have of course been other race cars that featured creatures.

According to this Nigerian used car dealer, single women shouldn't drive expensive cars because they intimidate men that like them and discourage prospective suitors.

He went on to add that a single woman with expensive car will only attract married men and f...k boys.

This particular monster crustacean was a 215 mph, 720 horsepower, 2,200-pound, Chevy V8-powered rocket ship that took the race to the mighty Porsche 962s. IMSA leased the car as a PR vehicle, , to promote upcoming races in cities across the US.

The Red Lobster became as popular with fans as it did drivers—a true example of the emotional attachment great liveries can generate.

The legs that fold over the doors act as go-faster stripes down the side and the Lobster’s body fills the car bodywork perfectly side-on to accentuate the classic tear-drop shape.

Then you have those giant pincers arched over the front wheels, holding the car flat to the asphalt.

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