Because of this profile, you may have gotten some notices of “interest” — single people are actually interested in communicating with you.

This means you’ve got a potential date, and a potential relationship, just waiting to happen.

There’s a Kurosawa film festival coming up in a few weeks, and it would be great to go with a fellow cinema fan. (insert your own name)Hello (insert name) I never thought I’d try online dating, but here I am — and I’m so glad I found your profile.

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Most dating website recommend a first step in communication — the introductory e-mail.

Whether you’re responding to someone else’s email or initiating one yourself, you have a chance to hit the ball out of the park and make a perfect first impression, or totally kill any interest in you this person may have had.

I would suggest you write a few sample intro emails and immediately discard the first two.

This will get the cliches and the bad ideas out of your head and give you room to shine.

They will most likely appreciate that you chose them — it is both a compliment and a good indication that there will be some compatibility between you.

Now that I’ve given you the pep talk, here are some examples of dating introduction that fulfill all of the above requirements — some of these emails are based on actual emails that I’ve used in my time in online dating.I’m happy to say that I’ve formed a long term relationship with a woman I met using one of the very examples below.There is nothing wrong with using these examples as a guide to your own — just do me a favor, and make your words original.Hi (insert name), I saw your profile and I have to say I think we would be a great match.Couldn’t help but notice your interest in black and white movies.Flesh out your letter with a few more details about you and your specific “partner”, and you’ll go far in the way of sparking romantic interest.