Some Autistics have dyscalculia or similar learning disabilities, and actually find math to be extremely difficult.

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Other people, like Every Autistic person is different from every other Autistic person.

Among Autistics, there is a huge range in individual abilities, skills, needs, and challenges.

Eric Trump proudly posted a photo of his vote for his father, Donald Trump, on social media. In New York, it is illegal to not only share a photo of a complete ballot, but also to indicate how a person cast their vote.

There is only one problem – it is illegal in the state of New York to share a picture of an official election ballot.

All Autistic people share some of the same core characteristics that define autism -- key differences in neurological functioning, sensory and cognitive processing, and communication abilities that often manifest as disability. Autistic people, like all people with developmental disabilities, are at much higher risk for abuse or victimization -- sexual or otherwise -- than the general population, but that doesn't mean that Autistic people don't know about or can't have sex.

Autistic people are Autistic regardless of whether they look, speak, or act like another Autistic person you know or know of. If there's one thing that's sure to offend an Autistic, it's seeing them in terms of common stereotypes about autism.Some people have received both labels but at different times in their lives, and many Autistics have very uneven skill levels -- some people who might be able to articulate their ideas very well at a conference may be unable to travel alone or cook for themselves, while some people who are unable to communicate with oral speech might be able to live independently.That debate aside, this is also very dismissive of a person's individual experiences with disability.This is very dismissive of a person's disability and experiences.Many Autistic adults take issue with the "high-functioning" and "low-functioning" labels for a variety of reasons.A very small minority of Autistics are also savants.