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We were already a little concerned about Adrienne Maloof's cougar ways while she was romancing almost 20 years younger Sean Stewart, but when she apparently seemed to move on with a younger man, our eyebrows were raised!

The budding relationship between Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart may raise some eyebrows, but there’s one very important person on their team: Sean’s mother.

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[ Related: Adrienne Maloof Keeping Her Cougar Romance With Sean Stewart Hot ] But that didn't stop Ashley Hamilton and Sean Stewart from swinging by and giving us a sneak peek of what to expect in their brand spankin' new series!

With all of the brotherly love going on between these two, we're guessing there's still plenty more good times to be had with this family!

Well, as long as it’s friends with benefits, we approve!

[ Facts are a difficult thing for Donald Trump to wrap his head around.

Whatever the reason, the cougarific reality star looks pretty excited about and Sean is getting all the perks!!!

[ Gurlfriend knows how to keep her much younger man happy!

Paul also abandoned charges against Adrienne's bestie and known dramz stirrer, Bernie Guzman, who hinted Paul beat her by posting snaps to his Facebook of a bruised Adrienne!

Fighting for your son and your reputation seems like a necessary one, but maybe he's just sick of spending his days in the courtroom??!

“Men do it all the time, so I guess now I am a trendsetter too.

Seriously, these two families are tighter than a pair of spandex that just came out of the drier!

It seems Sean just couldn't man up, so Adrienne stomped on his heart with her Maloof hoof.