Ever since Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif have worked together in 'Fitoor', the actors have continued to be in touch.

They learned some more tunes in a rush practicing at the Community Center, and started getting paid for what they liked doing. They attended the 36th International Lions Club Convention in Chicago from July 3rd to July 11th of that year… Lipscomb, they all stayed at the Conrad Hilton Hotel and the Wink Westerners performed in the front lobby.

Roy graduated from Wink High in June 1954 and signed up to attend the fall seminar at the North Texas State College in Denton, returned home for Christmas and played the New Year Dance on December 31st 1954 with the Wink Westerners.

Orbie Lee is generally credited with teaching Roy to play guitar.

For his sixth birthday, Roy asked for a harmonica, but fortunately his daddy gave him a guitar.

They were also featured on the KERB Jamboree on Saturday afternoons with local Country & Western bands.

The first songs they played were “Kaw-liga”, “Mexican Joe”, “Caribbean”, and “Under the Double Eagle”.By 1953 the band, got their own show on KERB sponsored by local businessmen one day a week before school.The Wink Westerner’s first appearance was at one of the school assemblies.In Forth Worth, they found employment in the munitions and aircraft factories that had been expanded due to America’s entry into World War II.But due to epidemic polio in 1944, Roy and his elder brother Grady were sent back to live with their maternal grandmother, a divorcee, in Vernon.Roy Orbison wrote his first song “A Vow of Love”, in front of his grandmother’s house the same year.