She aint that famous on her own and the maximum name and fame she got is coz of his boyfriend Scotty Mc Creery!

Well Gabi Dugal happens to be Scotty Mc Creery girlfriend since they were in elementary school.

Scotty Mc Creery is busy with his first headlining tour, his web show series Scot TV and college, so when it comes to dating and relationships, it’s easy to assume he has no time, but maybe there is a special lady in Scotty’s world?

In the past, some thought he was dating long-term friend Gabi Dugal while others thought he was dating runner-up, Lauren Alaina.

See who is Scotty Mc Creery Girlfriend in year 2016- Gabi Dugal Wiki Details, Pics, Images and Love Affair Compatibility.

Scotty Mc Ceery won American Idol in year 2011 and his debut album “Clear as day” was a major hit.

We hardy know Gabi but Scotty is leaving no stone unturned in making her famous!

Well soon in Scotty’s sixth music album ie “Feelin’ it” Gabi Dugal will be playing his leading lady.Scotty was asked if he was dating either of these ladies in a recent interview with Broadway’s Electric Barnyard, but instead of answering, he danced around the topic. The dating life on the road is a tough thing to get around, you know what I mean? “It’s tough to even work out anything, but I don’t know.That is my answer.” His answer is vague, and given he “doesn’t know,” it sure sounds like he is dating one of these two women, but one thing is for sure: he’s not telling us. Personal life aside, Scotty has also found time to work on new music in between all of his commitments.You can see the love compatibility and sense of bonding between these two guys in the GIF below!Scotty Mc Creery and Lauren Aliana shared the stage first time when they sung “I told you so” and no one can actually stop themselves from parising these two young fellas. There is very little info you can get on Gabi Dugal on the internet!He manages to spend time with friends — including his former classmate, and rumored gal pal, Gabi Dugal — but the singer says romance with his busy schedule isn’t easy.