Yet, you still remain single, online, and endlessly waiting for a man to sweep you off your feet as you watch your friends settle into happy relationships. In all likelihood, it’s not that there is something wrong with you, it’s simply a matter of adjusting your approach to online dating.

Even those grumpy looking cats tend to run up to you and start purring when you cross their path. And like most women on dating sites, you have more than enough potential to land a quality man.

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If you don’t get this perfect, you will never optimize your online success.

The biggest mistake women make is sitting back and waiting for quality men to message them.

Its good to be aggressive and initiate a conversation with a man.

But when you do initiate, don’t shower the guy with compliments and desperate sounding statements in the first email, even if you are secretly think he is the greatest guy in the world. Read more: Become a body language expert There are millions of women online and almost all of them appear the exact same.

If you want to meet the right kind of men, then you need to first and foremost equip yourself with the right knowledge.

In this article I will be discussing five reasons why you may be having trouble landing a quality man online, so take notes!

An afternoon stroll through the stunning Kewaigue woods, looking out for ‘the little folk,’ (and wishing them good afternoon of course) could be a wonderfully simple date.

Chances are, you won’t come face-to-face with any mythological heroes, but you’ll certainly have a blast with your matches.

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Instead of being passive, get out there and pursue the men you want by initiating conversations. Dating expert Marni Battista on how to be a more daring dater Hoping a man will message you because you are pretty and know you are great is not enough to land a quality man online. And the only way to show this is by writing a killer profile and creating engaging emails that give these men reasons to get excited about you. So stand out from the crowd and show them why they should pick you over all the other pretty faces.