reported about a group of female Israeli soldiers who were disciplined for racy photos that they uploaded to Facebook.Now it seems as though there are reports of more NSFW photos of the scantily clad IDF babes, this time with M-16 rifles draped against their backside in their army barracks, according to the.Some target only those that keep a kosher diet or are Sabbath observant.

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After the previous batch of female Israeli soldiers’ pictures, dressed only in vests and guns surfaced on the popular social networking site last Sunday, the Israeli Defense Force released a statement saying that: “educational lectures took place on the base in order to prevent similar recurrences.” Apparently, the Israeli army didn’t seem to get the message through to all of its female soldiers, as just a short time later, more risque female Israeli soldier pictures surfaced, this time prominently featuring some Jewish rump roast, if you catch my drift….

Several times in the past few years, the IDF has disciplined such soldiers for posting what they feel to be inappropriate matter on social networking sites.

The smell of scandal has swirled around Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for years.

Now the smell is starting to turn to a stench, say analysts.

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