When you work all day long, an 8-hour, 9-hour day, that’s when you start thinking about all of the things you could be doing or writing or recording or painting or sculpting or whatever, when you have to do all this other stuff. like in upholstery, I could create, make something tangible, it’s physical labor, and all that fantasizing about what you could be doing besides this.

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I had waited several months to get on a plane to Nashville so I could spend a bit of quality time with the most important musician working these days. After awhile you feel like everyone’s having this other life and you don’t see any of it. The daytime people are so much more inspiring like that…

It was a million degrees, I was trapped inside a marathon and had to walk up and down the parched, hilly streets in very high heels to reach my destination.

But by the time they got to that one point in the film where they played the opening drum fill to ‘Moonlight on Vermont’… [imitates the drum beat] And I have to hear it three times every time I hear it. JW- I think about it all day long and try to do it all day long, but sometimes I don’t understand the perimeters.

And he said, “Watch this.” It’s the Cannes Film Festival Beefheart footage, not from ‘Electricity’ but Sure ‘Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do’. JW- But I was like, okay it’s good, but that was the first time I saw it. Are you just naturally a good person do you think, or do you work at it? And this is the only picture of him, this was like a blow up of it. He’s sitting down in this photo and he’s playing guitar with what looks like a switchblade. It looks like there’s a knife underneath his finger. JW- Yeah and he almost looks like he was white, the features and Howlin’ Wolf said he was half-Cherokee. He and Son House drove to Wisconsin to record and Son House stole his girl, Son House sat in the back seat with his wife.

It was just after 11 AM and Jack White was already in the center of his day.

and about to go do the things they’re going to do that day… P- Do you feel like you’re living some sort of dream? JW- I’m glad it connected like that, because when I got out there I thought, I don’t want to go and play it cool, or play like I’m too cool to be here, I want to pay my respects, as well, because it’s an honor. And the people who go out and give it ALL away, here, this is what’s happening, let’s all have a party, it gets used up, like it’s the flavor of the week and then it’s all over. And I think I’m naturally more down that path and the excitement comes later on. But there was another altar boy that got to drop the cross on the priest. My parents are from the depression, they had me when they were really old. So it’s almost like this remnant of a dying age of life, a golden age like Eisenhower, right-wing, John Birch Society, Christianity thing going on, but it was 1990, and didn’t really apply. I listen to all kinds of spirituality and respect all of it, and if I’d grown up in China, that would’ve been my path over here. But it divides it all because it’s the one thing he has that we can’t touch and we could never come close. Then working in the upholstery shop, I loved furniture, listened to all the architects do the furniture, like Jacobsen and Eero Saarinen, and now I’ll actually be able to use some of that design. And people were like, yeah, okay, whatever, that’s 30 years ago. Like everybody, it’s such a great gateway to all that other music. He’s probably right where he could never even have imagined he’d be. Excitement’s sort of like when something’s completed. he holds the things that are precious to him and he doesn’t let anybody come and take them away. P- And you were so darn cute they wanted you, right? There were a 100 altar boys, I don’t know why they wanted me. He was creating and I was an innocent bystander holding a candle nearby. So I didn’t really know what to think of any of it. JW- Yeah, because I think it was a remnant of a past thing. We can only take the wood that he put here and make something out of it. That’s what divides him from everything, not only from people, because we are all a part of him, like you said. And then it’s great for me, because when I was younger I wanted to be sort of a filmmaker or an architect. Like mixing a song or something, I’m like, God, I could be doing all these other things and I have to sit here for six hours mixing this song, when I just want it to be done in fifteen minutes so I can go do something else. But this way, if you miss it, that’s it, you have to start all over again. I always feel like there’s never enough time in the day, that I’m wasting the whole day. You just program it all and you press play and you’re done. P- I know but she wanted you, she’s a really massive fan of yours. He used to sit for days down in his basement dungeon thing doing what you’re describing.