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Ok this must be like guys who are “dreads” not real Rasta, although some of them might be real Rastafarians who want to make some extra cash or an easy living for them selves. The reason I used the word “dating” in the title is, I am sure that after spending some real-time together some of these white woman and Rastafarian, may very well, fall in love with each other.

Here comes some more speculation, are you ready for it?

But for him to go live in western society would not only be hard on him ( the Rasta in the relationship) but also hard on the woman because the role of the man, in Jamaica, and In Rastafari, are different from the expected, role of a man in western society. Some Rastafarians believe in a “black love” meaning that they date only within their own race, and others believe if you have love in your heart you date who you love regardless of color. I believe in “black love” for my self, however I think that interracial is good for mankind, and that love is the most important thing.

I know this because I am a Canadian born Rasta, raised by Jamaican parents. So, I guess for me, I don’t care who loves who, and what color they are, but for me, I asked a close female friend about her thoughts on white women dating Rastafarian men, her response was ….”from what I know about Rasta…they are not real Rasta! I have respect for this persons opinion cause they grew up in Jamaica and spent more time around Rastafarian than I did.

If anything bothers me it’s not so much Rastafarians dating outside of their race but outside of their spiritual beliefs. When Jah makes you who you are and you know the person you wake up to every morning knows nothing of this very special experience, and way of life that you live. Sometimes I wonder if the reason why a Rastaman dates a non dread is because he needs the touch, love, and care of a woman.

So, perhaps her ethnic background and spiritual beliefs are secondary.

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