Rooted in tradition and deep symbolism, Japanese weddings are elaborate, formal affairs.

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The names of guests and their table assignments are on a reception table at which guests are asked to sign the guest book.

Traditional Japanese bride and grooms partake in a ritual that consists of lighting a candle at every table to symbolically share their warmth and light with the guests.

The music at the reception can vary but traditional stringed instruments called Samisen and Japanese drums are a particular favorite.

Traditionally the bridal couple receives two gifts from each guest.

Traditionally, Japanese brides don the shiromuku or a white silk "undergarment" that meaning literally "white pure," for the earlier part of the wedding ceremony.

This a formal gown passed down over the ages and still used today as traditional bridal dresses.

Friends and relatives send a wedding gift to the couple before or after, but never on, the wedding day since it is considered their personal gift to the new couple.

Guests attending a traditional wedding reception on the other hand are expected to bring oshagi or a cash gift for the newlywed couple.

However modern couples may wish to exchange wedding rings too as part of their wedding ceremony.

At the close of the ceremony, symbolic offerings are given to the kami or the ‘Gods’, consisting of three small twigs of Sakaki, a sacred tree.

The wedding reception In Japan, the Kekkon Hiroen or wedding reception is a formal affair even though the style and scale of wedding receptions vary depending on the regions in Japan.