Hi, im having a problem doing this, ive been searching but didnt find something useful so i ask you...I have some JScroll Pane and when someone click a button i want to change the contents of the JScroll Pane Here comes some code: private JList sensor List,actuator List,section List; private List Selection Model list Sensor Selection Model, list Actuator Selection Model, list Section Selection Model; private JScroll Pane sensor List Scroller, actuator List Scroller, section List Scroller; lista Selection Mode(List Selection Model.

jlist not updating-83

the JList component is supposed to make the JProgressbar advance, but it doesn't happen.

I can't seem to find where I should listen for changes or update. When making a main method for Manager Index that creates a JFrame with the components it gets ... A Text is entered in textfield and on pressing search button, it searches the text in HTML document & adds HTML document name to jlist.

I have a problem where my JList not updates after i have writen in new data in another GUI. Work Site Func Handles data that should be displayed with the GUI all data that the GUI is viewing is get from here with the get All Data().

Work Site GUI This shows a JList in a JScroll Pane and some JButtons.

The data arrives and are there when i run the method but the JList dosent show the new Work Site.

Work Site_Make GUI This shows the window where you put in data in some JText Fields. The left panel is a JList, while the right panel is a chart created from JFree Chart. The client has a friend list with all his contacts. This has all been programmed without a problem but when I accept a new Friend request I ...My JList is first dimensioned to an array with 100 elements in it but then in a function i set it to null and then I set it to a different array with a smaller amount of elements. I am having proble trying to up date my Jlist half way through and update the Jpanel.One of the JButtons is "Create Newworks site" witch creates a Work Site_Make GUI. Haves a update function that should update the data in the JList. The client then updates the JList like this: As you can see basically all the current elements currently in the Default List Model are removed and then the newly received Players are added to the Default List Model.