Two men, known as John Doe One and John Doe Two, filed lawsuits in court, in which they claimed the actor groped John Doe One at the Beverly Hills Hotel more than four years ago, according to the .

John Doe Two, meanwhile, claims John Travolta did the exact same thing to him at a hotel in Atlanta the exact same year.

"I had known Olivia prior to Grease," John told The FIX over the phone from LA. I felt like there was no-one else in the world that could've done it." The admiration was mutual.

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Check out the clip to see if she makes it in the spot!

author Lawrence Wright, lawyer Ray Jeffrey, and cult behavior and deprogramming expert Steve Hassan. but it turns out, he's just as bad on his best behavior!

Those summer nights are still alive for the duo, who have reunited in song for the first time with a Christmas charity album, This Christmas.

The FIX caught up with the chummy duo about their musical reunion and the secret behind their sizzling on-screen chemistry.

Specifically, while she was on Tuesday night's Why is Azealia Banks so obsessed with Rihanna??? The -- as Donald Trump would say -- very unsuccessful rapper went after the monumentally more successful Ri Ri following the latter expressing outrage at Drumpf's dumbass and unconstitutional immigration ban over the weekend.

It's been 34 years since John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were hopelessly devoted to one another as Danny and Sandy in Grease.The source claims that it was an intimate date that included only Jenner, John Travolta, and his son.But it’s not necessarily that the two are dating, as John Travolta has been reportedly helping the reality TV star to learn how to fly planes. Donald Trump has proven himself more than capable of being disgusting when he wants to be…Related: Millie's Dad Is Being Greedy With His Demands The 12-year-old is nearly unrecognizable in her new spread for We have no idea what Olivia Newton-John thinks about that wild Grease fan theory that Sandy was dead the whole movie, but she is getting candid about the less cray stuff!The official lawsuit filed by the two men reads that the Hollywood actor tried to force John Doe Two’s hand on his scrotum while having a full erection.