Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for the Cartoon Network.

When Johnny compromises security at Jane's headquarters, her boss makes them work together to defeat the evil Dr.

Pencilneck and thwart his nefarious--yet incredibly politically correct--scheme.

Johnny meets an amazing girl named Fluffy, only to find out she is actually a werewolf.

She promises that she will offer Johnny a great time if he can make it through one night with her transformed state.

Johnny accidentally joins the French Foreign Legion and soon finds himself on a game show in Ancient Egypt, where he must find a way through the desert with the help of a reluctant camel named Lawrence.

Johnny hears of a hip-hop group called The Round Pound, and seeks some advice from them to gain the love to a female hip-hop fan.Flying high above the jungle on a plane, Johnny gets a stewardess angry by his constant flirting with her.As a result, the stewardess boots Johnny off the airplane mid-flight. Johnny tries to get a date with a girl who is in love with a sensitive dancer.Johnny squares off against the doll, who repeatedly thwarts his efforts to destroy her.Johnny unwittingly follows the instructions of a satanic notebook in an attempt to get buff, thus summoning a devil named Derek that enlists him to join on an evil rampage.Johnny goes on a date with the President's daughter, only to outrage and humiliate her with his lack of knowledge of Washington by accident.