Jorja Fox was invited to George's wedding and could not make it, and yes she does have a girlfriend and her and George were both fired together in 2004, and when they were reinstated she said she would wait for George to be too, and she kept her word. I think you will find that George had a crush on Eric not the other way round, and what is wrong with being gay it is what you are confident in being and who you are not what you are.

Eeic I get the feeling he's bi he's been linked to Bree Turner, Lola Ring and Lauren Bradley and Eads and Chad. Where as Eass has only been linked to szmanda and the beard.

And jaime pressly but i think shes unattractive and mannish lol.

He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 5.8 years each.

[r13] little more than four years ago a gay cast member told me they were not a couple and that Eric had just broken up with somebody~Eric was still living at George's.

The last clue "they'be doing more than oversleeping in bed!

" clearly points to George Eads who claimed that he was fired from CSI because (on HIS OWN words) 'he overslept'.

From"US TV actor George Eads who was sacked by CBS for allegedly holding out for more pay, has said he missed filming on the show because he overslept."Really, R31? And this is the blind item that Billy Masters wrote in May 2005 about George Eads dumping Eric Szmanda from the house to avoid being fired from CSI:"Could it be that a certain television twosome is kaput?

Cuz I'm the guy (not a girl) who posted that item on another thread about Eads told to me by his neighbor and I didn't post R29. So say sources on the set with the close-cropped cutie, who point out the extraordinary steps one will take to avoid being killed off -including booting a live-in love.

Eric Szmanda was not invited to the Tour of the Stars because he wasn't a regular cast member yet. Wow, if you trolldar r18 you'll see this probably IS the George Eads Troll, no introduction needed.

You sound like you are trying to mold r15 to your way of thinking.

Haven't watched CSI in several years but happened to catch a few minutes last week. George is married to Monika because Eric introduced them as she said she was lonely and George admitted he was lonely.