On July 11, 2012, Harrellson was traded to the Houston Rockets along with Toney Douglas, Jerome Jordan and second-round picks in 20 for Marcus Camby.

While playing in China, Harrellson averaged 22.3 points, 18.2 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.5 blocks and 1.2 steals to win the NBL Player of the Year award.

Jorts has struggled with injuries since coming into the league, and after having back surgery that didn't allow him to play basketball for eight months, Harrellson is now working to carve his path back to the NBA.

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Kentucky fired Gillispie at the end of the season, replacing him with John Calipari.

Calipari quickly assembled a highly touted recruiting class that required more scholarships than Kentucky had to offer and held workouts to determine which of the players then on scholarship would best fit into his system.

While at the University of Kentucky he earned the nickname "Jorts" (slang for jean shorts) because he was often seen wearing them.