As well as offering countless tips and examples, Scott provides a lot of encouragement for writers.

Rather than telling you to read lots of scripts and then leaving it up to you to find them, he goes out and finds them for you. The honesty, enthusiasm and passion for sharing reminds me of my work at Guitar Noise.

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If a script sounds especially good I might give it a read.

There’s only so much time for reading scripts and when I’m supposed to be writing and finding my own voice.

Readers know more than anyone else that a lot of the scripts making the rounds repeat the same mistakes.

With a positive outlook, Just F*ing Entertain Me encourages writers to continually strive for their best while avoiding the common pitfalls most writers face.

This is a particularly good blog for both hobbyists and aspiring professionals.

Nobody wants to be an amateur writer, but this is where most writers with the time to read blogs every day will find themselves.

His site provides a lot more than a single daily dose of screenwriting advice.

It’s more like several booster shots to make it through the day.

Many of the posts from the old blog are reprinted on the new one and updates occur on a near-daily basis.