Every step of his hip hop with Comfort has Alex's stamp on it.

The waves, the slides, the fact that he can't make himself grab his crotch.

He makes it through the hip hop and the critiques without thinking any more of Alex, but as he goes to change into his prom outfit, it hits him again how awful Alex's injury is, and how much Kent's going to miss him.

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There's been a lot of kissing on So You Think You Can Dance, he's seen every single one of them, but maybe they're thinking they can cool the tweens off a bit by putting Kent in non-romantic routines.

Dee Caspary misses the memo just a bit, but Kent doesn't care, he's thankful to be able to dance something so interesting and complex with Chiké.

He can barely stand still backstage as their video package goes live with all their ridiculous goofing around.

The dance goes perfectly and Kent's still not sure, even as he bring his face closer and closer to Lauren's, that he'll have the guts to kiss her. She's breathing hard, the warm air puffing against his lips, and he goes for it, bringing his hands up to cup her face.

Everybody thinks they know what "the show must go on" means, but they're wrong.

Kent's danced through blisters, cramps, colds, and distraction, but it's nothing compared to dancing with a broken heart.He can tell that Robert came to the show a young man and matured into a man.He knows Lauren came and conquered while being a lady and a girl and a woman, and it seems a little unfair that she can still have all that. While the feeling is strange and new, like the pink skin under a blister, he can't say he misses it that much. Kent knows that now, because Neil told him; it should have been obvious before, but English never was his best class.It was different for everyone else, of course it was.Especially after Adam’s speech about how real it was." Lauren runs a hand through her hair, grabbing the curls and yanking. But that only makes it worse.""I’m sorry," Kent says again, helpless.