” and, not surprisingly, almost every hand goes up.

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There are a bunch of rules and loose ends, as explained by The Washington Post in 2005, and everyone seems to have a different outlook on what dating really means. Do people actually dance together at the Friday night dance? In a video for WNYC, middle schoolers across seven New York City schools explain just what they think romance is like when you're 12 years old.

Coming out refers to telling people that you aren't straight.

If you’re the parent of a middle schooler, your reaction may be similar to my initial reaction, “Thank God I don’t have to worry about that.” In my work with middle schoolers and their parents, I’ve found that most kids and adults don’t believe dating violence is an issue for kids this young.

For many, the term dating violence brings to mind Rhianna and Chris Brown, and that seems far from our middle school reality.

Here some kids share their experiences and fears regarding coming out in middle school. I live in a small hick town in Florida and I came out last year in 7th grade. I think she just tries to hard to be that ‘cool and hip’ teacher that everyone likes more than the teacher that shows discipline.""I came out in middle school, and I meant with all my heart that I was bisexual.

Most everyone knows now because I'm going out with someone but what I’ve noticed is that A LOT of my teachers say absolutely nothing when a kid says “That's so gay.” I have a teacher right now who is pretty cool but a few weeks ago a boy in my class said, ”That's so gay” and she agreed with him saying, “That is so gay.” I’ve often thought about saying something to her before or after class but I never work up enough courage to actually do it. People insisted that I was confused and didn’t know what I was talking about. Plus, suprisingly older and younger people confess their same-sex crushes to me and some have even came out to me. A lot of these, (like the fact that there is more support for GLBT issues and more awareness of them), are really positive. I just know if I tell them they'll never treat me the same. No one should come out if they think doing so would be unsafe or too emotionally difficult at home or at school!But while it can be great to be open about who you are from a young age, coming out in middle school can present unique challenges. Encourage your middle schooler to debate issues with you and model respectful conviction.Say things like, “It’s alright that we have different opinions on this.These days, kids are coming out younger than ever before. I’m only out to my mom and I don’t know what my dad will think. As these testimonies show there are some benefits to coming out in middle school and some drawbacks.