As for everything short of intercourse, I spent hours with my youth-group friends applying Talmudic analysis to the question “How far is too far?” It was an excuse to talk about sex and imagine we were really talking about God.As the couple begins to say their vows, a woman in the congregation stands up and walks toward the front of the church, silently taking the groom’s hand.

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And it argued that any kind of physical intimacy before marriage was a violation of the sacredness of married sexuality, and could lead to lifelong regret.

became a phenomenon in conservative Christian circles.

A bride is walking down the aisle toward her beloved on their wedding day.

Stained glass, string quartet: Everything is perfect.

, written by Joshua Harris and first published in 1997, argued that traditional dating was “a training ground for divorce” because it puts people in the habit of quitting relationships when things get tough.

Aimed at teens and twentysomethings, the book discouraged teen relationships and proposed that courtship, in which a couple moves purposefully toward marriage with their parents’ blessing and involvement, was a superior model to dating.The foundational “fact” of purity culture was that having intercourse before marriage was wrong.There was a reassuring black-and-white quality to that stricture, with the promise of a juicy wedding-night reward for my self-control.You can kiss them [on the cheeks], my parents are pretty laid back Don’t worry, my dad won’t kiss your hand. And anyways, a kissing on the hand is really rare nowadays.Ann: Tu sais, ce n'est vraiment pas facile pour les étrangers…Tu te rends compte, c'était super embarrassant… The other day, my sister was visiting Paris and I introduced her to my friend Pierre.